Our goal is to provide you with the technology, entertainment, and controls to allow you to easily enjoy your living environment to the utmost.  Most importantly, we provide personalized on-going remote and on-site service should questions or problems arise.

Toner's Audio Video | Residential Lighting Control

Lighting Overview

We all have busy schedules. We all have hectic lifestyles. This should not get in the way of keeping your home beautiful- day and night! At Toner's Audio/Video Electronics, we are dedicated to saving you time, energy and ultimately money. By having an energy efficient, cost effective lighting system, you are making an investment in your home and reducing the stress in your life.

Our advanced lighting control systems allow remote access of your lighting system which means you can always be welcomed home by a well-lit driveway and a cozy indoors. Not only is this a time-saving investment, but also a wise increase in the security of your property. A lighting control system allows you to create scenes to activate several lights with the touch of a button. This system can also be integrated with a security system to turn on specific lights in the event of an alarm or help you save money by turning off a light if the system has not detected motion in the room for a period of time. You can also consolidate the number of switches you have in one location by using a keypad.

Toner's Audio Video | Residential Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

We are proud to offer our clients landscape lighting products from Coastal Source. Landscape lighting has to be tough and defy the elements while looking elegant - simply put, Coastal Source is the best. Unlike other landscape lighting systems, Coastal Source landscape lighting is designed as a total system from the fixture, to the weather proof Coastal connector, to the transformers — all are designed to last. This means a lower cost of ownership over the life of the system.

When designing their system, Coastal Source looked at the other systems on the market and found that no matter which one they tested, no matter the cost, all of them succumbed to the elements. Some took weeks, some took months, but all eventually failed. This fact guides them to design their products to last. If you are in the market for a landscape lighting system we would be happy to provide you with a system proposal. We can provide you with system design services, drawings, installation and service.

Toner's Audio Video | Residential Under Cabinet Light

LED Under Cabinet Lighting

We can provide you with low voltage under cabinet LED lighting that makes it easier to prepare meals in your kitchen as well as gives your kitchen a touch of elegance.

Toner's Audio Video | Residential Lumencache

Lumencache LED Lighting

Lumencache power distribution for the future. The Lumencache platform replaces the traditional 110V AC power distribution system in buildings with a low voltage DC power distribution system more appropriate for the low power needs and digital capabilities of electronic devices and LED lighting. Lumencache offers many advantages over traditional high voltage AC lighting and power distribution. For one, since Lumencache uses low voltage DC to power lighting, it is far safer and has a much lower risk of causing fires when compared to high voltage AC wiring. It also uses lower cost low voltage cabling instead of the traditional Romex wiring, and since it uses either an AC/DC battery charger or solar charger as a DC power source, your lights in your home or business will work when the power goes out. Also, as Lumencache uses DC, it is very easy to add a small solar system to power the lights and other electronic devices such as charging ports for smartphones and tablets. Adding solar to power lighting can be done far more cost-effectively with Lumenchache when compared to AC systems since inverters are not required. Lumencache is easily upgradeable in the future as it uses modular structured wiring methods and can be integrated into your home automation system. We would be happy to provide you more information on how Lumencache could benefit your new home or remodeling project or provide you with a system/lighting design.

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