Toner's Audio Video Electronics installs a diverse range of systems in a variety of commercial categories.

Toner's Audio Video | Commercial Networking Services


At Toner's Audio/Video Electronics we believe that every business can improve by upgrading their network! A better network means better, faster communication with clients and between employees. Our skilled team will connect all the devices in your office so that they are all on the same network and can communicate instantaneously with one another, meaning increased productivity. We have professional grade product lines and we have and the knowledge of how to install them properly so that you end up with wired and wireless coverage over your entire property that is lighting fast and reliable. With our Client Care Plans we are also able to remotely monitor your network, ISP, and receive alerts when problems arise in order to take action to correct the problem, in many cases before you realize there is even an issue. We also offer cabling installation/certification services for Cat5e, Cat 6, and Fiber optic cables.

Our seamless installations mean no visible wires so your business will remain looking professional, tidy and safe. Upgrading your network will also allow easier upgrades of other features of your business such as alarm systems, energy management solutions, CCTV cameras, and projectors! Proper cabling will bring your business one step closer to becoming an entirely automated building giving you complete control over your business!

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