Toner's Audio Video Electronics installs a diverse range of systems in a variety of commercial categories.

Toner's Audio Video | Commercial Security Systems


An alarm system from Toner's Audio/Video Electronics can help protect your business from break-ins, theft, fire, carbon monoxide, heating system failures and accidental floods. Our systems use state of the art sensors to detect these events and then dispatch the authorities at the first sign of trouble. Our systems are monitored by our UL listed monitoring company and our standard monitoring service starts at only $14.95/month!

Our integrated security systems are capable of a variety of automation tasks as well as protecting the assets of your business space. Our systems can turn on or flashlights in the event of an alarm and can allow your business to use scheduled lighting scenes in order to prevent costly break-ins. In addition, automatic lighting scenes can be pre-programmed to different levels depending on the time of day or various settings for different events. Our integrated security systems can also give you control over the HVAC system in your business.

Adding cameras around the perimeter of your firm can further enhance our security systems. Today's surveillance systems offer crystal clear HD video and allow you to check on your business from anywhere. We offer access control systems to guard against unauthorized entries into restricted areas while allowing easy access by authorized personnel. Please call or email us for more information.

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